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August 6, 2011

PETA Programs - Art Zone Projects

ARTS Zone Project
(Advocate Right To Safety Zone for Children)

ARTS Zone ProjectARTS Zone Project (Advocate Right To Safety Zone for Children) is an educational theater campaign on children's right to safety and protection from any form of violence and abuse. It aspires to ensure a child's positive growth towards reaching his or her full potential. By creatively raising the Filipino families and communities' awareness on children's rights and its related issues, the project hopes to build a nurturing environment in the homes, schools and communities.

Creative seminar-trainings, theater workshops and consultations with adults as "duty-bearers" and children as "rights claimers" shall be conducted and advocacy performances toured in major cities of Metro Manila to promote and encourage active and critical participation in child rearing and development.

Adults and children shall be educated on human rights and justice, and they will be assisted in overcoming their experiences of violence. Through PETA's effective use of theater work - play-acting/body work, role play and performances through interactive theater, it becomes possible for adults and children to share their thoughts and views on their complementary roles in the growth of their families and communities, promoting awareness about alternatives of conflict resolution and offering possibilities to achieve this end.

A play shall be produced and toured; seminar-trainings and workshops shall be implemented; local campaigns and networks against violence shall be established in cooperation with local schools; publications, conferences, round table discussions and a media campaign shall be tapped to inform the public as well as to render advocacy work.

Project Goal

The Project aims to inform and educate both adults and children of holistic understanding of children's rights. Special focus shall be placed on adults in educating them on effective parenting, non-violent child rearing approaches towards enabling them to protect their children from any form of violence and develop a nurturing environment.

Project Objectives

Explain and promote holistic understanding of children's rights, focusing on the importance of their right to safety and protection from any form of violence
Discuss the different forms of discipline and punishment to children, specifically in the Philippine context, and promote the use of effective, non-violent child rearing approaches
Explain the effects of any form of violence to child rearing and development, with focus on its use to discipline and punish children at home and in school settings
Increase the awareness of parents and teachers, as well as the participation of children, in developing a safe, protective and nurturing environment


Five (5) major cities in Metro Manila are initially identified to be the beneficiaries for the Project: Caloocan, Makati, Manila, Pasig and Quezon City. These are the largest, in terms of population and community influence and therefore would be most effective as recipients.

Partner Groups

To be able to effectively carry out the campaign, this Project hopes to enjoin several institutions and socio-civic organizations that may have direct or indirect dealings with children. These are public schools, local government units such as Council for Welfare of Children (CWC) and other community level operating groups such as Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC), Barangay Youth Council or Sangguniang Kabataan (SK), Parent-Teacher-Community Associations (PTCAs), and other grass root organizations in the communities.

Target Audience
The performances and workshops are directed toward parents, teachers, local government authorities/local officials (e.g. Department of Education), community and youth leaders, and children/students (specifically 9-14 years old).

ARTS Zone ProjectProject Activities

Written by Liza Magtoto, Lyrics, Music Composition and Arrangement by Vincent de Jesus and directed by Mae Quesada-Medina, Rated: PG is a whimsical performance on parenting. It will be toured around the five (5) areas/locations of the Project.

Workshops for adults through integrated theater arts approach and workshops for children on visual arts and creative writing shall be offered to participating groups, schools and organizations.

Partnerships and Local Action Initiatives
Partners/networks shall be encouraged to create their own small action plan in support to the advocacy/campaign. Small grants shall be provided to selected action plans/campaigns.

PG KomiksConferences/Round Table Discussions
City-wide and small group discussions on the essentials of the campaign shall be conducted to instigate possibilities and options in enhancing the activities of the Project.

PG Komiks for adult readers and Junior Komiks for children shall be distributed to target beneficiaries of of the Project.

The results of the workshops and conferences/round table discussions will also be published to share the outputs and experiences to those who have not been reached by the Project's capacities.

For more information about the ARTS Zone Project and its activities:

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