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August 14, 2011

PETA Outreach


The PETA School of People's Theater conducts outreach and special workshops all year-round for theater and non-theater enthusiasts, children, teachers, school trainers and workers, NGOs, LGUs, and corporations. These workshops, anchored on PETA's tried and tested pedagogy, may be customized according to the needs of your school or institution and may be conducted at your choice of venue or the classrooms of the PETA Theater Center.


Basic Integrated Theater Arts Workshop (BITAW)
Repertory Theater Guidance (RTG)
Other courses customized according to the needs of the participants or the requesting entity

Courses may be viewed here.

For more information, contact us through:

Phone: 632.725.6244
Fax: 632.722.6911 or 632.410.0821

email: or

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