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August 4, 2011

PETA: Mission and Vision

The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) is an educational theater organization composed of members who are dedicated to the pursuit of excellent theater aesthetics and pedagogy towards the empowerment of people and society.

PETA envisions:

A fully actualized human being who is able to liberate the creative power of the self and of others towards fulfilling his/her mission in life; continually purifies his/her inner being; recognizes, respects and defends human rights; actively participates in societal endeavors and receives equal recognition and remuneration; cares for the welfare of others, as well as the environment ensuring the future of the next generation; and has the time for rest and recreation.
A free society where justice and equality prevail; the culture promotes and protects human rights; peace and security reign, free from violence, oppression and exploitation; there is fair treatment towards all regardless of sex, age, religion, ideology, race and ability; a thriving economy responds to the needs of its people and there is just distribution of wealth; a government exists that genuinely protects the welfare of its citizens; a healthful environment concerned, protected and managed through sustainable development strategies for economic growth and human development.
A liberating culture that evolves from the depth and wealth of the people's history; is dynamic, progressive and responsive to change; promotes critical thinking and greater participation of all sectors of society; enhances creativity and empowers citizens to change society for people's benefit; and engenders a strong cultural identity united by the recognition and respect for cultural diversity.

PETA's main objectives to pursue its vision:

Create a people's theater that is directed towards a free society and a liberating culture grounded in the people's genuine life experiences and aspirations for human dignity and well being;
Develop a people's theater aesthetics that showcases the richness and diversity of Filipino culture through the creation of original Filipino plays while at the same time explores a broad range of theater styles and themes relevant to the people;
Develop a people's theater pedagogy that puts a premium on people's creativity and critical thinking towards transformative cultural and social action;
Bring to life a people's theater that enhances and sustains the growth of the individual and at the same time fosters community building values that are participatory, collaborative, transparent and democratic.

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