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August 9, 2011

PETA - Festivals, Conferences and Assembly

Annual convention and Assembly

The annual gathering of member organizations based in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces participated by students and teachers/adult leaders. It aims to consolidate and consult the network of schools and community-based theater groups on MTTL program for the year.

Dula-daluyan Festival

Recognizing the power of theater and the arts as catalysts in tapping and developing the enormous potentials of the Filipino children and youth, a three-day celebration of art and culture is organized by MTTL through theater festival. Dubbed as Dula-daluyan, the festival features the best works and performances created by young artists from the school and communities. It provides the young people venue to discuss issues and concerns affecting the youth, using popular theater and art forms. Dula-daluyan highlights interaction and artistic creations through performances, forum and conference, workshops, art exhibits and music concert for, by and of young people.

TIE Conference and Advocacy

The efforts of transforming the teaching and learning experience inside the classroom into a creative, child-friendly, and culture-based situation require a sustained partnership with key groups and institutions. One of the recent initiatives of MTTL towards this endeavor was the Theater-in-Education conference in March 2007. It was organized to advocate for and sharpen the understanding of the role of arts and culture in promoting a transformative education in the country. The conference brought together various stakeholders of education: school teachers, academe, arts practitioners, cultural workers and the Department of Education. Public and private school teachers from Manila, Quezon City, Pasay, Parañaque, Caloocan, Malabon, Infanta and Laguna participated in the conference. Resource speakers from DepEd, Philippine Normal University, De La Salle University, Cinema Evaluation Board and Task Force Philippine Education Culture Plan offered insights, reflections, context and action plans for the plenary.

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