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August 12, 2011

PETA - The Children's Theater Program

PETA's commitment to Filipino Children has grown and devolved in the past 33 years. It is an expression of the organization’s founding principle that believes that children and the young people are the future of the country and that they deserve the best possible nurturing and support society, culture, heritage, art and theater can offer to enable them to tap their innate potentials. In the early years of PETA, the functional term was "Reaching Out to Children" through performance and workshops held every Philippine summer.

In the 80s, PETA instituted the Children's Theater Program (CTP) as a key program area. At the time, PETA perceived that it is essential to reach children in a more comprehensive manner. Performance, training and education and the expertise of its members are combined in partnership with NGO's (non-government organizations) and community-based organizations to deliver programs and services that are suited for children with very specific problems, needs and capabilities. And for the last 10 years (since 1990), guided by the principles of Children’s Rights, Empowerment and Child Participation, the PETA-CTP has been focusing its services directly to children to enable them to express themselves, their own thoughts, feelings and opinions through the language of creative arts and theater.

Through the years, the program has delivered effective projects and activities directly to and involving children all over the country most especially to those in impoverished, vulnerable and difficult situations. CTP has proven that integrating theater arts and creative processes in advocacy, education, partnership and development work creates a potent combination that effectively addresses vital and urgent issues facing Filipino children.

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