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August 26, 2011

Asian Summit on Natural History Filmmaking on Dec. 2011

CMS VATAVARAN 08.09.2011

The specialised field of natural history filmmaking is fast becoming popular in Asian countries. Not only Asian countries are becoming important destinations for natural history filming, a new breed of talented filmmakers from these countries has also emerged in the last one decade, doing commendable work. Asian filmmakers have also been participating in various international festivals and forum and their work has been duly recognised and appreciated.

Still, it’s a challenging task to ensure that talented filmmakers of Asian countries develop a strong foothold in the international arena. Many filmmakers visit these film festivals in Europe and North America to look out for production assignments and market for their film. But a majority of filmmakers do not get an opportunity for attending these festivals due to resource constraints. They have limited access to reputed international channels, project commissioners and editors. It minimises their chances of getting any kind of opportunities for gaining the experience and expertise needed to compete in this highly competitive field of wildlife filmmaking. The big channels and production houses still shy away from commissioning programmes in a big way to Asian filmmakers and only selected filmmakers get the opportunity to work with them.

It is in this scenario that CMS VATAVARAN ( to organise a summit of Asian filmmakers and international channel programme heads, buyers and commissioning editors, set on December 07-10, 2011 at New Delhi.

Asian Filmmakers Summit will act as an important platform for Asian filmmakers seeking international production assignments as well as a market for their film and creative skills. For international commissioning heads it will be an opportunity to meet new filmmakers

The summit would also highlight and underscore the fact that that wildlife and natural history making traditions in South Asia are different from those in Europe and North America. More so, when it comes to broadcast commissioning. While in West prime channels invest funds upfront in films under production, in return for exclusive rights, this concept is uncommon or non-existent in most Asian countries including India and Sri Lanka, where film makers have to find production funds from outside the broadcast industry.

In the current scenario, Asian filmmakers are clamouring to get broadcast commissions from European and North American broadcasters who dominate the commissioning market worldwide.

The exchange platform will also develop and nurture the culture of broadcast commissioning, which is still confined to Europe and USA, in much of Asia.

• Pitching sessions
• Trade show
• Film Booth

For registration please contact

Narender Yadav
M: 9899979160

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