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July 27, 2011

PETA Performances


Written by Liza Magtoto
Directed by Mae Quesada-Medina

July 9-11, 17, 18, 2010 (10:00am & 3:00pm)

Joselle, a multi-tasking mother and entrepreneur from a low-income community needs to leave her young son Tonton to a suitable person as she prepares for employment abroad. Her husband Romy should've been the most likely candidate for this, but Romy is too focused on his job and would always leave the tough job of looking after their children's moral upbringing to the already burdened Joselle.

Their eldest daughter Rosalie, a teenager, is not so reliable either - at least according to Joselle. They can't see eye to eye, as they argue about what they want for her and what she wants for herself. For Rosalie, though, her parents don't understand her inclinations.

Then there's Tonton, the six-year old son who unwittingly gets into trouble with other children just because he is being his age, testing the limits, and not knowing he's breaking some rules that were not spoken of.

As for the boy's grandmother - well, Joselle has issues with her own mother and would rather twist her husband's arm to care for their son while she's away than leave the boy with the elderly woman.

While trying to make husband and daughter understand the responsibilities she has to leave behind, Joselle gets into everyday circumstances where her own parenting skills are being challenged.

Everytime Joselle is faced with such a challenge, her mind works up an image of doors. It is like she is swallowed up by doors that show her alternatives and options. At moments she's about to pinch the boy's ear or slap her daughter, she slides into those doors that make her go through either-or solutions to problematic situations.

It is now up to Joselle and the people around them to create a different path of parenting, of creating more options. How? That's what the play will explore.

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