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June 19, 2011

1st International University Theatre Festival in Quezon City

IUTA Philippine Center 06.10.2011

THE International University Theatre Association (IUTA) Philippine Center will host the First International University Theatre Association Festival/Conference/Workshop that will enable local theatre teachers from 17 regions to have an interaction and sharing of practices in the teaching of theatre with their counterparts and peers from various universities around the world.

Anchored on the theme: “Strengthening University Theatre: Cultural Traditions Enriching Contemporary Theatre,” the event will be held on July 18 to 20 at Miriam College, the official venue. It will consist of dialogue, workshops, demonstrations, round-table discussions and performances.

Established in 1994 at the University de Liege, IUTA aims to develop and promotes theatre training, creation and theoretical and practical research. The association has members in over 50 countries including the Philippines. Heading the IUTA Philippine Center, Arsenio “Nick” Lizaso is the project executive director of the event.

This is the most prestigious event that will not only bring honor and prestige to the Philippines but will also greatly benefit Filipino teachers in terms of exposure to new knowledge and best global practices in the field of theater arts as well. “Echoing the message of Jessica Kaahwa of Uganda for World Theatre Day in March, the interactions between our university-based theatre organizations and the foreign theatre experts show that theatre could, indeed, bridge divides,” Lizaso says.

At the same time, Lizaso thinks that the Theatre Festival will underscore the role of theatre in teacher development. “I have always believed that teachers can employ theatrical skills to make them more effective in the classroom, whatever the subject,” said Lizaso.

“This kind of interactions with foreign professors will help contribute to the enhancement of the quality of Philippine education through teacher development,” he added.

Lizaso further announced that so far 18 foreign delegates from IUTA have already signified their intention to participate. Invitations have already been sent to State Colleges all over the Philippines. With the strong endorsement from the Commission on Higher Education, Lizaso is confident of a robust attendance from local educational institutions.

For school-based theater organizations interested in joining the Festival, contact the IUTA Philippine Center office at 621-9467.

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