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March 12, 2011

News - Dapitan is ASEAN Culture Capital of RP for January 2011

DAPITAN is playing host for the launching of the celebration Rizal's sesquicentennial (150) birth anniversary in 2011.

Dapitan is a land rich in history, heritage, language and creative industry, endowed with a calming beauty of its habitat that shows virtues of a simple life.

Historically, Dapitan, acknowledged as a Shrine City of the Philippines is a place where our national hero, Jose Rizal was exiled for four years (1893 to 1897).

It was during this period that he had been most productive and happy. He was the people's physician, teacher, writer, farmer, businessman and environmentalist. It is here where he was able to serve his people in many different ways, through his diverse talents.

In recognition of Rizal's life in Dapitan, the Philippines highlight it as the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Culture Capital for the month of January.

On January 24, the Asean flag will be transferred to Dapitan, after being previously installed in Tarlac (the Asean Culture Capital for the month of November) while having a prelude focus in December at Fort Santiago, where Rizal was imprisoned.

Philippine ITI President and RM Outstanding Asian Art Awardee 1972, Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, who is part of the committee which organized the program, gave a heads up on what's going to happen during the Dapitan recognition. According to her, various performances will be seen during the program recognizing Dapitan as the 10th highlighted place in the two-year framework operationalization of the honor of the Philippines as first Asean Culture Capital.

This includes the choral arrangement of Asean songs, with 10 fancying higantes representing its 10-member nations. Also, a theatrical presentation of the works of Rizal in Spanish and translation into Filipino, English and Cebuano will also be featured, utilizing the artistic talents from the Rizal State College in Dapitan and interpreting his writings in dance, drama and music.

Participants from the different high schools of Dapitan and Zamboangga del Norte will join a special media caravan workshops by the Department of Education-National Council for Children's Television DepEd-NCCT in conjunction with Earth Savers-United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) Dream Center, providing a children's perspective of Rizal through varied media forms.

This program is an inter-agency project of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Asean, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Philippine ITI Earth Savers-Unesco Dream Center, in liaison with the National Historical Commission and the Knights of Rizal.

The program was coordinated through Vice Mayor, Patri Chan, chairman of the Dapitan Heritage Committee, with the local government officials led by Mayor Dominador Jalosjos Jr. and del Norte Gov. Rolando Yebes of Zamboangga, with Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Erlinda Basilio.

Other members of the committee are NCCA Officer in Charge Chairman and KWF Chairman Jose Laderas Santos with Malou Jacob, NCCA Executive Director Lihok Bisaya, Lutgardo Labad, DepEd-NCCT director, Frank Rivera, Philippine ITI Chairman Dr. Vilma Labrador.

The ITI Creative Team, giving cultural caregiving services in Dapitan are composed of Placidas Pilapil Jr., Sai Collado, Peter Macrohan, Rollie de Leon with his design group under the direction of Lihok Bisaya artist, Lutgardo Labad. Pixel Media Arts is the video documentary team for the said program, under the direction of CJ Andaluz.
For details, please contact RENE NAPEÑAS, Head of the NCCA-Public Affairs and Information Office (PAIO) at cellphone number 0927-5582656 / 09285081057 or at tel. nos. 527-5529. You can also call us at 527-2192 (loc. 612-615) or email us at

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