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February 15, 2011

The Philippine High School for the Arts


A government-run secondary school for artistically gifted and talented children and adolescents, the Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA) implements a special secondary education curriculum and support programs committed to the conservation and promotion of the Filipino artistic and cultural traditions.

Since 1977, PHSA strives to develop the expertise and potentials of its young artists-scholars, faculty, and staff as cultural workers dedicated to achieving the school’s thrusts characterized by an unwavering pride in the Filipino people's artistic and cultural traditions.

Aside from academic and artistic training, PHSA provides its students with opportunities to develop their social skills that will contribute to their development as artists for others. The experience of living away from home and integrating with mentors and peers in this residential high school, cultivates in the young artists an attitude of independence tempered by the spirit of cooperation. The site of the school is a vital factor in making the PHSA a most ideal learning institution. The mystical mountain of Maria Makiling is deemed to be a powerful source of inspiration for artistic endeavors among young artists and their mentors.

Firm in its belief that artists play a major role in nation-building, the PHSA continuously innovates activities and projects that directly address the socioeconomic, political and cultural realities in the country.

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